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INSC[1] Project MC3.01/13 (EC Contract n. N 2014/343-969)


Training and Tutoring for expert of the Nuclear Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and their Technical Safety Organizations (TSOs) for developing or strengthening their regulatory and technical capabilities


Project wider objective:
The cooperation carried out under this project aims at promoting nuclear safety and the use of EU best practices.
The main objective is to strengthen the capabilities of the nuclear safety regulatory authorities and theirTechnical SupportOrganisations in the beneficiary/partner countries, in order to allow the NRAs to become reasonably self-sufficient in terms of management and technical capacity.

Specific objectives:
The specific objectives consist in enhancing the capability of NRAs staff, and of their supporting TSOs, to conduct independent in depth assessment and review of safety cases, to conduct inspections, to issue regulations and guides and to manage the authorization process (licensing) and related decision making.
These specific objectives are ensured by the programming and implementation of training and tutoring activities based on the needs of the partner countries.

Expected results:
Result 1 - Training and Tutoring for NuclearRegulatory Authorities including their Technical Support Organizations experts (staff), including study visits to European Bodies;

Result 2 - Developing a toolkit of training modules on the aspects of Nuclear and Radiation Safety;

Result 3 - Promoting cooperation of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities between the EU and Partner Countries by exchange of experience; 

Project starting:             Contract signed on December 30, 2014

Project extension:          Addendum n.1 signed on July 21, 2017
                                         Addendum n.2 signed on December 18, 2018
                                         Addendum n.3 signed on May 24th, 2019

Project  duration:         64 months (initial 36 months extended till May 24th 2020)


[1]  INSC = Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation